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KBaksu & Jmaq Int

Japanese Ceramic Bowl Household Large Bowl Ramen Bowl

Japanese Ceramic Bowl Household Large Bowl Ramen Bowl

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1. Superb texture, bright and moist glazed hand feeling. .
2. Design with rounded edges, retro and unique.
3. Anti-skid design at the bottom, roughing treatment.
4. High temperature firing, high quality and durable
5. Underglaze color process, the underglaze color on the pattern effectively isolates the color to make it durable and can be used for a long time

Ceramic use & maintenance:
1. Wash by hand. If you want to use a dishwasher, you should choose a dishwasher with "porcelain and crystal" washing function.
2. The PH value of lotion must be between 11-11.5.
3. When washing with clean water, the water temperature should not exceed 80℃
4. If there are scratches, use toothpaste to polish.
5. Clean water and a little detergent can be rinsed clean

Product information:
Style: Japanese
Material: Porcelain
Top diameter: 7-9 inches
Size: L*H 23.8*9.6cm

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